Welcome to
Cellnet Reunion and Pensioners Website

The Cellnet Reunion and Pensioners group was started in 2002. The group is affectionately known as Crappers and we are led by Dicky Chapman – our Head Crapper.
The membership has grown to over 218 as of April 2014. We know a lot of current and ex Cellnet / O2 people enjoy meeting colleagues and friends from a bygone era and this is why this website has been set up.
The essence of Crappers is to make the most of life, you never know how short it may be.

Dicky Chapman - Head Crapper

Faces & Places

Photos of members can be found on the members pages. We try to add new ones as soon as they become available and we hope the pictures do all the members justice.
Our meetings take place 4 times a year and are known as: Spring Luncheon, Summer Luncheon, Autumn Luncheon and the Christmas Bash (see the News for further details).
These all take place at our venue: the Civil Service Club in London (near Trafalgar Square).
A growing number of us have taken membership with the Civil Service Club because of the good food, drink and facilities it offers at reasonable costs.
A  “closed” FACEBOOK page was created in June 2011. Access to this page is by invitation only so please contact somebody within Crappers for an invite.
All members are on a global e-mail which Dicky Chapman uses to notify members of forthcoming events.
As well as the regular luncheons we also gather for the Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) in August.
Other ad-hoc visits / events are arranged as someone sees fit.
We hope you will join this throng (if you haven’t already) and enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones.